Follow these simple steps to be considered for a Badass Mechanic position. 

  1. Submit a resume.
  2. Submit a copy of your Valid Drivers License / Proof of auto insurance.
  3. Submit a copy of your Social Security Card
  4. Fill out and submit a W9.
  5. Submit our Google Address Verification agreement.
  6. Submit our COVID release of responsibility form.
  7. Provide a list of tools you currently own.
  8. Indicate if you have any disabilities, health issues or use that will prevent you from doing this job.
  9. Agree to our Drug Free Policy

Cooperate Office

2540 Cordoba CT Richland, WA 99354       

Human Resources               


Once all documents have been received and verified, you will receive a call from our human resource coordinator 

Part of accepting employment with Badass Mechanic, you are required to fill out our address verification agreement form contract provided in the link below.

Apply Now - Start getting Full Time pay for Part Time work by becoming a BADASS MOBILE MECHANIC.

All Mechanics/Contractors must be able to acquire a Commercial Drivers License and DOT Medical Card.


Badass Mechanic requires our mechanics to be mentally stable unlike the current administration, so we DO NOT REQUIRE EMPLOYEES TO BE VAX.

Mechanics are responsible for performing repairs and maintenance on all types of vehicle. Mechanics work in accordance with factory and industry standards, run diagnostics on vehicles and equipment.

Mechanics maintain and repair being mobile All types of Motor Vehicles

Cars - Trucks

Commercial Trucks and Trailers

RV's - Campers - Motor Home's

Boat's & Trailer's

Machinery - Metal working & Forklifts

Heavy Equipment - Loaders - Dozers - Skid steer - Back-hoe and Excavators

Also maintain their work equipment and tools in good responsible working condition. Mechanics are responsible for keeping each job site clean and free of oils, parts and debris. Also, mechanics are responsible for any and all damages while on a job including to all vehicles, tools and all mechanic job sites.

Badass Mechanic requires our Mechanics, ( Contractor's ) to be responsible and so mechanics are required to have and maintain liability insurance on their work vehicle and contractor liability insurance.

Mechanics are responsible for repairs and maintenance of all types of Auto's, Recreational vehicles, Trailers, Equipment, Machinery, light to heavy-duty commercial vehicles all to customers satisfaction.

Duties: 24 hour Mobile Mechanic Services

Mechanics are responsible for: Goals, Hours, accepting Jobs, Quality work, Being RESPONSIBLE.
Mechanics Perform preventative maintenance, minor & major repairs of cars, trucks, RV,s, Commercial Truck and trailers & heavy equipment that may require a DOT Medical card to operate. Hydraulics, diesel engine, welding & cutting work as required for repair work. Troubleshooting of electrical & hydraulic problems. Collaborate with the repair team to diagnose problems with vehicles and plan repairs. Perform regular diagnostic tests on types of vehicles and equipment. Maintain accurate records of each repair performed on vehicles. Use all required PPE and work safely. All other duties requested by management
1+ years of maintenance & mechanical experience.

Mechanics are required to supply and maintain in satisfactory working order their own tools as required to preform work. Extensive use of hand tools. Moderate lifting, reaching, pushing, pulling, gripping and grasping. Ability to stand for a full shift in addition to walking, climbing stairs and bending as required. All Contractors must sign company agreement and policy (Required) Job Type: 24 hour Mobile Mechanic

Pay: $20.00 - $40.00 per hour


* Driver's License (Required)

* Must be able to obtain a CDL
* To Apply: Go to (Required)
* Everyone Must submit the required W-9 to be considered for the mechanic position. You can upload it here including your contact number. (Required)