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The BIG BANG Theory was not the Beginning of time.

The Beginning Of Time

Originally Earth was only 5000 miles in diameter and had 90 % Less Gravity which explains the existence of the Anunnaki and also explains many other factors like why the doors on pyramids were 40 feet tall. It is in the Bible that the tallest man was 38 feet tall and the oldest was Methuselah, also spelled Methushael, Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) patriarch whose life span as recorded in Genesis (5:27) was 969 years. It was said that the human body could in theory live to be 1000 years old, however, a sudden change took place after the big bang theory happened, a huge asteroid slammed into the earth hitting the earth near Taiwan   and exiting near Saudi Arabia. I have provided images so you can see the shape prior to impact was similar to the shape when exiting. shouldn’t be so surprising that the region of Egypt has been said to be are area of great religious beliefs. The sea parting and so on. Sure shook the ground when the Asteroid came shooting out of the ground. Must have been a sight to see. Looking at the skid marks from the plates that shifted rapidly on this day, one can easily put the puzzle back together and once complete, you will see that the entry and exit points are at complete opposite sides of the earth and also, you will see how the mountains were formed by this same event.

Prior to the impact, earth was about 5000 miles in diameter. At impact earth started to explode into a star, however, the enormous pressures of gravity grew increasing 90% and with the help of the friction of the impact and along its path as it penetrated through the earth it slowed the object as it shattered its way through  breaking the many layers  into pieces we now call plates. Prior to the impact, the actual location of the impacts were on opposite sides of the earth. The impact caused the earth to grow at an exploding rate, so this was in minutes not years that earth went from 5000 miles to 25,000 miles in diameter. This caused many things to happen, for example, massive radiation escaped from the center of the earth blanketing the earth with poisonous gasses and radiation at levels that would bring massive change to all things living.  This is visible if you look at the current pictures as well. The leaked gasses and from the center of earth splattered all over the exiting area contaminating the ground leaving it toxic where it could not easily grow vegetation. 

Jack in the beanstalk. This was not a ferry tail. Plans actually grew tall into the sky when the gravity level was 90% less. This too was the same reason why early humans were 38 feet tall and lived almost 1000 years old. Also explains how the pyramids were built.  The blocks were 2.5 tons each. Now, do the math. 30 to 38 feet tall.  Brian Shaw, who lifted 1,020.8 pounds was about 6 feet tall, he was no giant compared to those over 30 feet tall. Now, figure into the equation 90% reduced gravity load.  Well, I am not math genius but I could see how just 1 man could lift 2.5 tons in the times of the Anunnaki

What killed the dinosaurs was a combination of elements. Toxic gasses that filled the air, 90% increased gravity load, sudden weather changes and lack of drinkable water or edible food. All were toxic due to the gaping holes in the earths crust from the asteroid not to mention that today, humans are scared of a small 9.0 earthquake, lol, this isn’t anything compared to then. On the same scale used today, that would have registered over a million.

How radiation effects living things. Radiation enables change in the DNA to be possible. 

In today’s time, government has classified to keep secret most of the facts about radiation to maintain stability and the flow of money. 

All this happened about 12 million years ago. Religion comparably is a relatively new element that came about only a few thousand years ago from today. What the bible is to me is simply a historical document of fact for the most part. Ones interpretation and perception are altered by those who use manipulation, deception and ones ability to SHUN others into submission. Basic brainwashing. ALL Religions use the same basic elements to brainwash people. It’s like making bread.

  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3/4 cup water 

Then all the rest is filled in with what ever you like. Some religions say drinking ok as long as you don’t get drunk, some say smoking is ok, some say killing Americans is ok, some say killing yourself is great, but all use the same basic template fundamentals to establish control over your mind so they may rule. The fact is, powers can be harnessed, given away, captured or gotten in some method. Those who have figured out how to capture and harness these powers are doing so by lying to everyone else. Some religions believe it is ok to cheat, steal, kill and more as long as it comes with profit, profit somehow this makes it acceptable to them as long as they able to eat rib eye steak and get fat bellies stealing children and torturing people is A ok. Each to their own though we are currently and have been for hundreds of years in an era of time where governments use children as a tool for extortion, profit and power. 

I was at a Jazz event the other night. Was a delightful event too. As an example of how people are followers, as if COVID was not a good enough example anyway, I watched several people walking around during a break where the first one would duck so not to block the view of another and all the rest in line did the same thing not even knowing the person who the first ducked for was turned around not even watching. Movements are a huge pattern today. Like in the 60 with Bell bottom pants. Same thing. Nobody really cares if there is a reason or not as long as they fit in.