By Mitcheal Sellen

I'm Never Doing It Again

My name is Mitcheal Sellen. I wrote this little book in 2018 after seeing countless lives ruined and wasted by making poor choices with the hope that it would help addicts see their self worth by turning them from using drugs to being entrepreneur’s. I have yet to publish this guide but what is more important to me to help those who desire real change have a solution to the endless tornado they found themselves in. I want to share this with you today so maybe someone can use this to turn their life around and see the door to hope that has been sitting right in front of them their entire life. So without further a due, lets get on with it.

Before we get deep into it, I want you to understand something about yourself. Your glass is not half full or half empty. Your glass is 100% full all of the time regardless of what phase of life your in or what your going through.

 Get a colander and pin it to your wall where you will see your hard work every day coming and going. Get a Magic Marker to X out each day you have been successful so you can see your Dailey progress. Seeing Is Believing. Only mark the day with an X in the morning after when you wake up. Smile and be proud of your accomplishments. 1 Day at a time. Do not use the Q word. Quitting is a negative tone and we like to think of what your doing as empowerment. Your making decisions that are having an amazing effect on your life and you can see it. Your Empowering yourself.

we haven’t even started yet!

What you are going to do throughout this process is inject into your life things that you will personally choose to do that will empower you and by doing so, you will replace destructive things with constructive things while your glass remains 100 % full during the entire process building your awareness, confidence and self esteem.

STEP 1 / 1st Day

Create a list of 10 things your passionate about.

E.g. Jobs – Passions or Skills

Cleaning Houses Cars Businesses

Mechanic Cars Trucks Boats

Yard work Gardening Mowing Trees

Painting Inside Outside Decking

Plumbing Handyman Sprinklers

When your eyes start to feel like they are being pulled into the back of your head, find someone to massage your head. This may release the pressure in your head.

we haven’t even started yet!

These things must be legal of coarse and able to be done with little or no investment for example in the service industry and a service someone will often pay for in day to day living.

STEP 2 / 2nd Day

From this list of 10, you will choose 3 of them in the next 24 hours

To make this choice, you will have to mentally prepaid yourself. If done correctly, goose bumps may appear on your body. You must put yourself in a life or death scenario (not literally) but mentally. Given that you have access to the hand tools, even if you must barrow (NOT STEEL) them to complete the first job, like a shovel, rake or bucket for cleaning you will ask yourself this: Out of the 10, which 3 can you do that you can make $100. In 24 hours?

Now, here comes the serious part. If you fail to make the 100 in 24 hours, you will die. Now you have 23 hours 59 minutes. Time is ticking. Get off your ass because your sitting on the thing called your head and you need it to think with.

Your on your 3rd day now. Sure beats the first day

we haven’t even started yet!

STEP 3 / 3rd Day

Now becomes the fun part. DOMINATE

Now you have chosen 3 separate categories. I want you to remember this statement some genius created long ago. KEEP IT SIMPLE SMARTY PANTS … Next your going to create a simple name for each of the 3. Do Not Use Your first or last Name when creating your business names. Also, this step will require you to cross verify over many platforms that the name you have chosen are available not only for the business license but for all the rest as well. I will give you an example. I will choose a name and show you. I choose Badass Low Riders because I like working on cars. That was easy right? Well lets see, now I have to cross check the name to make sure it is available in all areas, pay close attention to this step. Is the DOMAIN NAME available, what is that you ask, well here it is, … That is an example of a domain name that matches your business name. You can acquire a domain name online at places like Godaddy for cheap. This is important to be fluid in the market and to dominate the name in all social media platforms immediately before they are taken by someone else. Now, if you find that the domain name is already taken, you should choose a name that is available in all areas so you can lock it down. This will make it easier for you to create your image in the world. Even if it is a name that means nothing at all, you are the boss so you will create the image that others will become to know and when creating your logo and art for advertising, you should choose custom colors only you use and or custom shapes, corners or edges that all will know who it is from a mile away just by seeing your color or shape of your logo and or the font you use to make it.Your goal is to Create something Unique nobody else has. This will make life much easier for you and for others to recognize you from a DISTANCE.

Do this with all 3 and on all platforms. Make sure you have the name on all social media like FB, Google or Gmail would be like this, IG, and all the rest. You want them all. Same time you need to make sure that the business name is available in the state your wanting to start this business in. You can do this by going to the website for the State corporations and do a business name availability search. Each state will have this usually online in some fashion. Example: Name Availability Search – Business Services Online (

If you just type into a search engine business name availability search and what state your in, it will be a (FREE) Search. Costs on an LLC will be different in each state. In Washington State, if your a mobile service not selling items only services, I think all you may need is a UBI number, but do check because things change faster than I can keep up with all.

You will also create a FB Business Page (FREE) but I will speak more about this later on in the Advertising section.

Once you have obtained all and dominated the 3 names you have chosen, move on to the next step.

STEP 4 / 4th Day


Art is probably my worst skill of all. Keep it simple. Use unique shapes, colors, fonts and letters. 

Use as many as possible to create your own style. 

You need to stand out when there are millions of others doing the same thing. Be the best at what you do or don’t do it at all. 

Make a quote, a saying that rings a bell in someone’s ear. “We’ll leave the light on for you” I bet you know who said that. 

Art comes in more than just actual colors. Create something. Your the creator of your own world. 

Design things the way you like them, create them from your heart. What your actually doing is taking you as a person and creating images of you that people can see and remember for ever.


If you find time to relax, your not following the STEPS – SUCK IT UP

we haven’t even started yet!

STEP 5 / 5th Day


In STEP 3 you created a Unique Gmail Account. This mean you have access to all the tools G offers such as Google My Voice and many more.

Now, once signed into G, go to the top right corner and see the checkered box, when you click on this it will open up a number of G item available to you, some FREE such as Google Voice. This is exactly where you need to go next.

You will use your cell phone to create a New Number that will forward all calls to your cell. Here you get to do something cool. Yep, you get to make your very own business like number. So, let me provide an example: If I am in Las Vegas and I was starting a business there, I would want a number that appears to be a business number, one that resonates and flows like this, 702 is the area code, this is what has to be used, the prefix is not as important unless you can get the number to roll off your tongue like a song but for example purposes we will say 871 and then the last 4 are very important like 9040 looks like a business number and sounds great in Spanish and English.

STEP 6 / 6th Day


Create a BING account. Create ad there. 

Reverse Advertising. 

Leave reviews of all the places you go every day using your business account and people will see and start to recognize your logo and remember you when they need your services.

It’s been a week now. 1 week turns into 2, then 4. 1 moth turns into 2 then 6 – DON’T MESS IT UP

we haven’t even started yet!

STEP 7 / 7th Day

Business Cards

A must. VistaPrint used to be cheap, no idea today since they were bought by a Canadian. Still may be affordable. 

STEP 8 / 8th Day

Google my Business

If you followed the prior step 3 you should have your own domain same as your business name. This also gives you your own custom email options. You now have unlimited email account possibilities and many others.

Now is the time you will create a Landing page for you website. WordPress makes this pretty simple. Even a Hillbilly like me can create a site, if I can you can too. With all the free templates and tools, you can take it as far or as simple as you like. Excuses are for the garbage can. Don’t make piles of garbage, make memories that last forever in everyone you come in contact with. Smile, then smile again and be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished.

Using the same G Account, you will now create a GoogleMyBusiness listing. You will use your home address if that address is not already used by another business. 3-5 business days you will receive a post card from G. Log in and enter that number to verify your address. Fill out all details and upload your logo and images. Now your business is searchable to the public.

You will do the same using BING, YELP, YP and so on.


STEP 9 / 9th Day


Cheapest way to advertise for a paid platform that I know about.

$5.00 gets you a months worth of advertising. Well worth the money and a great service for the public to reach out to anyone 24 hours a day. There are many ways you can advertise for FREE. Think out of the box. Be Unique. Be Yourself and people will see the real you that your creating. Creating a NEW YOU is fun. People love it when they see people come back from a massive traumatic event in life, I am speaking from experience as many of you know already. When customers feel good, I feel great. It makes me so happy to make their day. I look at myself and think, how in the world can I do what I do in my condition, then seeing the smiles on the faces of customers is so amazing. If I can do what I do, you can do what you want to do to.

STEP 10 / Last Day

Reinvest 85% of all your profits back into the business. Buy tools to make your business work better and you can offer more to your customers.  Plan for a rainy day. In business this could mean days, weeks or even  months depending on local and global issues.

If your doing what I wrote, You will be so busy following these steps, advertising, working, calling, answering phones, making money and enjoying your freedom you wont have time to do anything else. Now, if you sit back and look at the last week and your accomplishments, you should be smiling ear to ear. Nobody is perfect, just be honest with yourself first. Accept the truth and keep following these steps. If this helped you, HI5. IT’S NOT FREE, I ALREADY PAID FOR IT FOR YOU… PEACE OUT.