Midpoint Manipulation

3-9-22 Midpoint Manipulation is a new world order tool designed to change who you are, what you say, what you do and who you vote for and appear that you did this yourself. Let me explain a little more. You want to access any account online. You must use a browser yes. There lies the issue. Midpoint Manipulation is a hack in the browser. An example of this is simple. When you log in to your website to edit content or your craigslist account, maybe even your online dating account, you open the door for them to edit any information they like. This hack uses Plugins and so forth to gain control of all your accounts. This can easily be seen using WP, if you have used WP to build your Website, you can identify someone else is accessing your account while your logged in as well. WP LOG OUT EVERYWHERE will be highlighted. I assume they will fix this issue soon so as to hide that as well. This hack is a tool the democrats are using and I am only assuming but I think this is being done in Ukraine at one of those secret sites the democrats have. Regardless, the democrats are the ones responsible for this and Google, BIG TECH, is responsible for this being done. I have been reporting this to government but as you know, the government is behind this as well.  Welcome to the Forced Revolutionary New World Order brought to you by Obama, Hillary, Biden, Soros, ZuckerFuck and so on.


3-12-22 – 11:38 AM

Today it is clear that Putin is responsible for exposing democrat BIO Weapons in Ukraine. Though not the type your thinking about. In your mind, you immediately come to the conclusion that these BIO LABS were made to protect humanity right? That is so far from the truth. Let me explain. First off. who paid for these BIO Weapons LABS in Ukraine? OBAMA DID, Obama with the help of other democrats, stole TAX payers money to pay for them. Now, OBAMA, SOROS, HILLARY, democrats and the Ukrainians say they are there to fight against BIO threats yes. In fact aren’t humans considered a form of BIO? Yes. So to conclude, a threat may be described differently by some wouldnt you agree? Someone might say a fly is a threat, or a shoe could be a threat if your beating children with one. To democrats, Republicans are the biggest threat to the existance of their GAY LGBTQ movement, in fact, Obama gained hugely his ego when he was able to deceive the world and convince all that his wife was w woman, in fact, Michael is a man and Obama has even called him by his real name many times and largely due to his resourcefulness of  his deception grew to what we see today which I call Weaponized Deception.  Who does OBAMA see as a threat? Republicans, YES. So, in doing the math 1+1 = 2 yes. This is really simple. Democrats created a BIO WMD in Ukraine to eradicate the Republican population from the face of the earth also to change men into woman and woman into men,, this supports his LGBT Transsexual wife Michael and has gripped the democrats so tightly they are willing to die than to admit that what Obama has done is wrong in every way.  So far, they are winning in this war because corruption is not and has never been easy for the majority to understand. Obama was gifted the typical gift of black people, the gift to gab, to BS people with lies that people just believe, well some people but not all can be deceived. I am waiting for the Republican Party to grow some BALLS and WAKE UP while PUTIN does their job for them. PUTIN is revealing the deceptive ways of democrats one day at a time. The democrats are once again wasting billions of US tax payers money to hide their evil ways, to hide the origins if COVID. And still the majority of the globe cant bring themselves to the truth but it is coming out through PUTIN’S actions. Putin is doing more for America that Republicans. So, I call this what it is – LGBT MAN-DATES for their REVOLUTIONARY NEW WORLD ORDER

3-9-22   –   2:45 pm

Putin made call to Xi Jinping and informed China that he is planning on using Nuclear Weapons to destroy the BIO LABS the US has in Ukraine that the US has lied about for decades.

China replies to be calm due to future losses of money in China.

Putin not likely to heed his advise, rightly so, Putin should destroy the Labs and take control of Ukraine to prevent such future actions.

Midpoint Manipulation is not just one simple thing. Midpoint Manipulation is a tool chest of tools designed by the democrats as a product to weaponizing deception. By controlling the population you control the world and have all the power. This was never better see than in Venezuela. I warned everyone early on but few if any listened. 

The world is about to see WW3 because converting the world is what the DEEP STATE wants. To convert the world into Venezuela and the US is almost there now. 

Midpoint Manipulation has affected you regardless if you have noticed or not. Some people just refuse to admit the truth not matter how you spell it out to them.

This organized crime ring is worldwide and in your home town no matter how small. This group is responsible for manipulating courts, judges, organizing Political HITS and crimes that would make your skin wrinkle. Obama still to today is hiding that his wife is a Transgender man. Like I could care less about his sexual preference but as a President, he is lying to the world and so goes it. He and Hillary have Mastered Deception and weaponized it to conduct a Revolution because both hate white men that are not in support of their to LGBTQ Everything that moves. Men are going to need chastity belts to keep them off of straight men. 

What was created to control the outcome of elections is now implemented in real time using people, yep, using the democrat population of the world, the voting hack, Midpoint Manipulation, has been weaponized by the DEEP STATE so corruption is now a way of life. Does this sound familiar. Can you say Venezuela ! Now you know why the democrats are running to Venezuela, Criminals always run home to mommy when busted. Democrats have been exposed and busted. Now, all will pay for their criminal ways, just like always. The Real Criminals Never Pay.

Ukraine Russia War. Putin is no Trans like Obama’s wife, Putin is a real man and refuses to allow the Obama’s Forced Revolutionary New World Order destroy his country.

Democrats are using children as they always have to pull at your hearts. Democrats have been brainwashed by vaccination and chemicals placed into food as did force Obama. 

The US is willing to dish out BILLIONS of US Tax Dollars – Your Money – To Defend Ukraine – Ever Wonder Why ? – Ukraine, there lies all the secrets of the democrats and what they have done to the world. There lies the truth behind COVID and who made it. We all know Obama paid the Chinese to make it but if you have taken the JAB you will not want to admit that you were deceived by someone. Many states in 2005 was taken over by this Obama led group of terrorists called the Democrats, THE DEEP STATE. Nothing more than a bunch of rich thugs. Drug Dealers. Terrorists at best. 

The US Profile = Do something to target someone, make it look like someone else is to blame, step in and be the hero. 

Thus is exactly what happened.

Obama Created COVID, planted it in Wuhan so China would be blamed, AMERICA played the hero to make CHINA FALL.