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Welcome, At Badass Mechanic, RV Service and repair is a top priority for us. Our workmanship is impeccable. We perform an extensive multi-point inspection on every motorhome to ensure all systems are working properly and fully functional.


Our experienced technicians will do whatever is necessary to get the job done right with our first class mechanics. The end result is that you will have a motorhome that fully serviced with all systems working properly ready for your camping adventures.

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We offer quality RV service & repairs backed by years of experience!

As a premiere RV repair shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah, We offer Premium RV Service & Repair to all our customers. Our mechanics have high end equipment and trained expertise to repair and maintain your RV or motor-home. Our emphasis is on transparency, honesty and professionalism. We pride ourselves on performing the highest quality servicing as quickly and efficiently as possible – something all our customers appreciate. 

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Mobile RV Repair

Change the fuel quarterly, and use a fuel stabilizer which will prevent unnecessary costs later.

Both oil and air filters must be changed.

Most people don’t think about this, but they are very inexpensive, easy to change and they will keep the fuel fresh in any condition.

Check for tightness and cracks. All fan belts look good from the top, so look at the part that interacts with the pulleys for a true picture of how the fanbelt is. If there are major cracks or pits, change the belts.

Check for cracks around the seals for leaks. Any leaking or cracked hose must be changed.

A leaking water pump must be changed, but you may not know it leaks unless the vehilce is running. Place some paper beneath the pump, turn it on and let the engine heat to temperature. If the paper gets wet, the water pump is bad and needs to be changed.

All fluid levels need to be checked and topped off as needed.

 If you have Zerk fittings, lube the chassis quarterly, but many chassis have sealed bearings which cannot be lubed.

Check for wear and make sure they are inflated to the proper pressure.

Check and replace as needed.

Check to see that it blows cnew air. If not, get it recharged.

Check and replace headlights, brake and tail lights, license plate lights, turn signals and running lights.

If the battery is 5 years or newer, it needs to be replaced. A simple alternator test is to insert an on-off switch into the positive cable line. Turn the switch off when the vehicle is running, and if it stops, the alternator is bad.

Secondary (yet crucial) Checks

This must work flawlessly every time

Clean and sanitize.

Cracked and pitted window seals need to be replaced.

Make sure that they are well lubed and extend fully and easily.

If it doesn’t convert properly, it will need to be serviced.

The oil must be changed as well as the oil and fuel filters.

Check for hot water.

Check for cnew.

Make sure all the burners come on.

Check for heat.

Clean and fill the tank.

Check the material seams in bed, cushions, chairs, couches, and repair as needed.

Check for proper pressure and replace if no good.

Check and clean filters. Make sure it blows cnew air or get it recharged.

If applicable, make sure they can be deployed easily, and that they are connected properly and work.

Checks for Towable RVs

Many of the components of towables apply to motorized RVs, so they won’t be repeated here, But there are some specific towable tune-up and maintenance procedures that only apply to them.

Check for cracks and pitting. Lube them up so they slide smoothly.

Check for rusting, cracking, bending or damage.

Make sure they are lubed and working properly

heck for ease of deployment, rips and tears. Replace as needed.

Take the trailer out for a ride and check the brakes for stopping power. Listen for squeaks and grinding. Repair as needed.

Make sure all the lights work, and replace bulbs as needed.

 Clean it and lube.

Inspect and perform an ampere draw.

Refill quarterly

Badass Mechanic Mobile RV Repair RV Repair and Service
Repair service and repairs can be a hassle, but, with Badass Mobile Mechanic RV Repair Service behind you, there’s no reason to fret. Onsite or roadside mobile RV repairs is in our nature and providing our customers with the very best RV service is something we take pride in.

If you would like assistance with any of your motor home problems, call us to speak with an expert today.

Proper maintenance is the key to RV longevity and enjoyment. The joys of owning your own RV make it difficult to imagine yourself without one, but improper and irregular maintenance can make that a reality.

At Badass Mobile Mechanic, we make sure you and your RV are set to have the best experience possible, anywhere. We do work on electrical, motors gas or diesel, generators, lights, batteries, charging systems, water heaters, heating elements, toilets, sinks, door steps and plumbing systems, we perform minor and major repairs, install alternators, brakes, water tanks, and replace parts where necessary. Don’t let a minor or major issues turn into catastrophic ones.

Call Badass Mechanic 24 hours 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday and open holidays.

RV Maintenance Bumpy road trips, hillside twists and turns, standing water—you and your RV have been put through a lot. If you’re like us, you take great pride in your motor-home and its ability to transform each and every road trip into a vacation of a life time. But where will your RV be in 3 years? or 6? These questions keep us up at night, too. To ensure you are enjoying your RV to the fullest and ownership long into the future, come to Badass Mobile Mechanic RV Repair Service, and let us perform regular RV maintenance and repairs. No matter your make or model, we have the resources and know-how to correct any and all problems to create a lasting and happy enjoyable trip for you.

Contact our 24 hours RV Repair Service open every day to schedule an inspection and diagnostic for any RV, Boat, Equipment or Auto for service and maintenance.

RV ELECTRICAL WORK Everyone fears the dents and dings and scratches from trees on the exterior of their RV, but, much like your father told you, it’s what’s on the inside that counts most. Over time and with some assistance from rough terrain, bumpy roads and poor weather conditions, RV electrical wiring can become loose, short circuit, burn out, or altogether quit working. As professionals in the RV repair service, and repair industry, we offer RV maintenance to assist those who encounter problems with their electrical system, batteries, and electronics.

OTHER RV MAINTENANCE SERVICES In addition to repairing electrical systems, we also correct plumbing problems, perform pre-trip inspections, check appliances, replace broken parts, replace tires, and install batteries. Solar paneling helps to reduce your dependence on battery power and electricity, and it also enhances the typical off-the-grid lifestyle as well.

Whether you need RV service or preventative maintenance, you can trust the experienced RV repair team at Badass Mechanic, Auto, Trailer & RV Repair. With us, quality is always paramount. We service your RV, Auto, Boat or Commercial Truck from the kitchen to the bathroom, bedroom to the dining room. We have you covered. We service all appliances, flooring, ducting, tanks, slide outs, generators gas or diesel and more