By placing this order I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC – BadassMechanic.com. By placing this order and or request a mechanic to arrive at your said location You agree to pay a fee called “A Show Up Fee” The fee amount is based on your location, miles away, county and or distance from the mechanic. In this agreement you acknowledge and agree to pay this show up fee and and you also agree you will not dispute the show up fee charge and if you do you agree to pay the fees incurred above the standard show up fee. By paying the show up fee you acknowledge and agree this fee is non refundable once the order is placed. By placing this order you acknowledge and agree that the mechanic is showing up to perform diagnostics of the vehicle in question only and is not required to do any repairs subject to the show up fee. The mechanic will advise and or perform the repairs needed based on customers prior approval, mechanics scheduling availability and or known issues, each mechanic uses their own discretion and has the right to accept or deny any work that goes beyond the standard 1 hour show up fee or a job the mechanic deems unsafe or unnecessary due to cost superseded the value to the vehicle.

Should you, the customer, be a distance greater than 15 miles away from the mechanic, there will be a 2 hour show up fee for which the mechanic can spend up to 1 hour diagnosing and after the customer is responsible for acquiring payment prior to any work exceeds the Rhine allowed for the show up fee, if more time is requested by the customer, you the customer are still subject to this contract and are required to follow all company policies listed here in this contract and you agree that you are here in bound by this contract for all fees incurred and you acknowledge and agree that you the customer are financially responsible for any legal actions incurred by all parties involved and you acknowledge and agree that you the customer will not seek any legal action or actions will be against the hired mechanic responsible and not against Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC aka Badass Mechanic or owner.

Pre purchase inspections policy.
If the subject of the inspection is within 15 miles from the mechanic there will be a 1 hour show up fee incurred. If further than 15 miles there will be a 2 hour show up fee incurred. Any job or inspections further than 50 miles away from mechanic the mechanic uses their full discretion and may or may not decline the work based on the mechanic. No mechanic is expected or required to do any job that the mechanic feels is unsafe. The mechanic is solely responsible for making this decision and does not come from Badass Mechanic.

Warranty is 100% from the original origin of the manufacturer or place part was purchased on new parts.
On parts that are used or comes from online the customer are responsible for the return or replacement physically and financially.

Mechanic parts fair price assurance guarantee.
Mechanics are restricted to marking up parts for more than the retail stores like Autozone charge in the 20 mile area of their the mechanics home location.

Customers are required to provide the following if required by the mechanic.
Year, make, model, engine size, VIN, Registered owners name, Address and or location of vehicle, drivers license or State ID, vehicle registration and or credit card for verification.