This agreement can be changed at any time unilaterally without your consent by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC. You (the customer) acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLCBadassMechanic.com AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN. By paying or requesting a mechanic or if our mechanic arrives at the location of your vehicle or once the “show up fee” is paid, You the customer acknowledge and agree to pay the show up fee and agree this fee is 100 % Non refundable and agree to pay this non refundable fee called “A Show Up Fee”. set by BADASS MECHANIC LLC company or a legal authorized representative of.

“Show up fee’s” are subject to change at any time without notice and are retroactive. Show up / Diagnostic fee’s are paid in advance in cash or electronically prior to scheduling and fee is 100% non-refundable once paid even if you “the customer” decides to cancel service immediately once paid and or our agent or mechanic does not show up due to any type of cancelation from anyone for any reason. Since our staff can and does provide valuable diagnostic information and or provide repair information, ideas or suggestions via the phone that may lead to repair or temporary solutions.  By paying the “show up fee” you the customer acknowledge and agree to this policy that the “show up fee” is non-refundable .  Customer may be allowed to pay in full via cash upon arrival if requested. 

What is a “Show up fee” and what does is do for you? 

  1. Guarantees a mechanic will show up when available ready to repair your vehicle. This includes Phone support as we consider Phone support, phone diagnostics, advice and or technical assistance part of services rendered for customers that have paid and often leads to repair or solution. 
  2. Guarantees  you up to 1-3 hours minimum labor depending on location and vehicle type.
  3. Guarantees you a Trustworthy, Honest mechanic so you will not get ripped off by scammers.
  4. Guarantees you we will listen, repair what allow to and serve your every need to the best of our ability.
  5. Guarantees you No Up selling or Pressure to repair nonsense or do unneeded repairs. 
  6. Guarantees you 24 hour 365 day service.
  7. Guarantees you that you will learn more about your vehicle than you did prior and knowledge is power.
  8. Guarantees you piece of mind knowing what the issue is and in most cases we do  repairs immediately. 
  9. Guarantees you accuracy, saves you head aches and saves you time because we love saving you money.  

Phone Diagnostics and support is equivalent to or the same as a mechanic showing up in person. We only provide services or diagnostics over the phone as part of the “show up fee” services offered to paid customers. 

Receipt Requests As Of 1/1/2020

Any and All receipts are the responsibility on the customers form of payment they themselves contain. Due to COVID Any and All other Receipt Requests take a minimum of 6 months to process. If we deem the job nefarious, receipts could take as long as 12 months to process. All receipt requests must be submitted via our online contact form only after the minimum waiting time has expired and must contain the order number associated with work order, order numbers can only be obtained on the day of service only and can not be retrieved past the date of service. 

(Badass Online Assistant Service) is Available to customers as an automated service only (ONLINE ASSISTANCE ONLY) Our nationwide service assistant is based in Washington State where we use all our tools/resources which include an unknown amount of independent mechanics around the nation combine with our vast knowledge, resources and database to assist with repairs of vehicles. Subject to and by local state and government requirements laws. Due to this being an available online service, support, warrant issues, and and all legal issues are solely the responsibility of the local mechanic or person and not BADASS MECHANIC OR BADASS MOBILE MECHANIC LLC. Support is limited to that mechanic onsite which you will be in contact. Additional independent mechanic rates, fee’s, parts, taxes, labor rates, part costs, policies terms and conditions apply and are subject to the onsite person or mechanic doing the repairs.

Phone Support / Over the phone Diagnostics / Data Technical Solution / Troubleshooting / Repair Solutions, ALL are paid services rendered and available to all customers only after our “show up fee” has been paid. Badass Mechanic company policy requires this for security proposes. We do our best to offer all our customers the service and the best technical data available to resolve all issues as quickly as possible which some times can be as simple as the customer gaining access to one of our highly trained technical phone support members.  

Quotes: At badass mechanic, we do not provide quotes for jobs. No exceptions. We are strictly hourly. We believe quotes are a door to dishonesty, we will not be involved in this. Should a potential customer fail to provide all requested information requested by a badass mechanic staff member for any reason could be viewed as a non legit customer or scam and therefore ignored. We are experts in repairing all types of vehicles. We are not therapists, we do not fix people. Due to COVID many people are suffering delusions, paranoia or mental health issue and may want to seek mental health prior to driving.

You (the customer) acknowledge and agree you ( the customer ) assumes all risks involved in sharing, providing or emailing any and all data, personal or other over any and all networks and agree to waive any and all liabilities to Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC, Mechanics, Contractors or any representative representing Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC.

All Customers waive any and all liability to Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC (aka) BadassMechanic.com by engaging in any communications. Such data may include but not limited to voice mail, text or email such as year, make model, vehicle registration data, VIN, Address, Name or other sensitive personal information that may be revealed as part of our investigation, repair or diagnostic. All Customers acknowledges and agrees that Any and all data and information obtained by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC or and representative is owned by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC.

You (the customer) acknowledge and agrees to provide mechanics reasonable access to the  vehicle, vehicles keys and and gate or access code to the mechanic as needed to allow access for repairs as needed by mechanic, failure to-do so will prevent the repairs and customer will loose any and all funds applied to do repair. 

Organized Crime and Corruption Disclaimer

You (the customer) acknowledge and agrees to ONLY provide (REAL JOBS) JOBS OF GOOD INTENTION, OF GOOD FAITH, SINCERE AND HONEST, legitimate JOBS DOES NOT MEAN A PAYING CUSTOMER, LEGITIMATE IS WITHOUT INTENT TO HARM, LEGAL, MORAL, JOBS WITHOUT ANTERIOR MOTIVE TO HARM, EXPLOIT, EXTORT CORRUPT OR INVOLVE IN CRIME,  jobs or repairs for which are Not involving extortion or having anything to do with organized crime, corruption or people in pursuit of information or to create any act with the intent to harm anyone having anything to do with Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC or owner including setups by local state or government involving Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC or owner including crimes such as organized crime, corruption or any types of setups or stings. By paying Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC, You (the customer) acknowledge and agrees that it is solely the Owner of Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC that decides if the customer has violated Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company policy and or intends to do harm to Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company or owner Not local Government Courts or Utah Court.  You (the customer) agree to without contest, willingly pay in full 100% all legal fee’s brought on by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company or Owner for your misconduct violating Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company policy, owner legal fees and all associated costs or fee’s by violating any our company policy.

You (the customer) acknowledge and agrees that vehicle parts are separate fee’s and you agree to pay 100% in advance the fee’s associated with all parts, labor and repairs. In any event during, in the middle, beginning or at the end of any repairs, should the mechanic reveal other broken or mechanical issues that are required to complete the requested repair and require parts, you the customer agree to pay for any and all additional parts and labor required to complete the repair and should the customer chose not to continue or finish the repair or for any reason terminate the repair that you the customer acknowledge and agrees  the customer is not entitled to any refund .  The ( Show up fee ) is based on state, state fee’s, local markets, location, vehicle type, real estate prices, cost of living, distance and availability of each job or repair. You the customer acknowledge and agree to pay this show up fee and you also agree not to dispute the show up fee charge and should you or anyone dispute our show up fee you the one disputing show up fee agrees to pay all legal fees incurred by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC. By paying the show up fee you acknowledge and agree this fee is non refundable once the order is placed. By placing this order you acknowledge and agree that the mechanic is showing up to perform diagnostics of the vehicle in question only and is not required to do any repairs subject to the show up fee. The mechanic will advise and or perform the repairs needed based on customers prior approval, mechanics scheduling availability and or known issues, each mechanic uses their own discretion and has the right to accept or deny any work that goes beyond the standard 1 hour show up fee or a job the mechanic deems unsafe or unnecessary due to cost superseded the value to the vehicle.

Should you, the customer, be a distance greater than 15 miles away from the mechanic, there will be a 2 hour show up fee for which the mechanic can spend up to 1 hour diagnosing and after the customer is responsible for acquiring payment prior to any work exceeds the Rhine allowed for the show up fee, if more time is requested by the customer, you the customer are still subject to this contract and are required to follow all company policies listed here in this contract and you agree that you are here in bound by this contract for all fees incurred and you acknowledge and agree that you the customer are financially responsible for any legal actions incurred by all parties involved and you acknowledge and agree that you the customer will not seek any legal action or actions will be against the hired mechanic responsible and not against Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC aka Badass Mechanic or owner.

Pre purchase inspections policy.
If the subject of the inspection is within 15 miles from the mechanic there will be a 1 hour show up fee incurred. If further than 15 miles there will be a 2 hour show up fee incurred. Any job or inspections further than 50 miles away from mechanic the mechanic uses their full discretion and may or may not decline the work based on the mechanic. No mechanic is expected or required to do any job that the mechanic feels is unsafe. The mechanic is solely responsible for making this decision and does not come from Badass Mechanic.

Warranty is 100% from the original origin of the manufacturer or place part was purchased on new parts.
On parts that are used or comes from online the customer are responsible for the return or replacement physically and financially.

Mechanic parts fair price assurance guarantee.
Mechanics are restricted from marking up parts more than the retail stores retail prices like Auto Zone, Napa or Truck Equipment dealers charge in the 20 mile area of their the mechanics home location.

Customers are required to provide the following if required by the mechanic.
Year, make, model, engine size, vehicle registrations via text image, VIN, Registered owners name, Address and or location of vehicle, drivers license or State ID, vehicle registration and or credit card for verification.