Effective immediately: As of 1-1-2023 Badass Mechanics are solely volunteer based and we are in progress of updating our policy agreements and conditions. Any and All moneys paid are strictly considered volunteer donations and any and all mechanics or assistance provided by people are done solely by volunteers.  Volunteers may receive tips and or donations if recipients wish to provide donations. Donations or Tips may be accepted by cash or electronic via Zelle. Our volunteer staff may be disabled or be hearing impaired so texting is required and services are by appointment and availability only.


This agreement can be changed at any time unilaterally without your consent by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC. You (the customer) acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLCBadassMechanic.com AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN. By requesting a volunteer mechanic here by referred to as or by (paying) or requesting a mechanic or if our mechanic arrives at the location of your vehicle, You the recipient acknowledge and agree to pay for all parts needed.

You (the recipient) acknowledge and agree to provide all data information requested by Badass Mechanics to Badass Mechanic and or contractors or any volunteers of Badass Mechanic company policy requires this data for security proposes.  

Quotes: At badass mechanic, we do not provide quotes for jobs. No exceptions.  We are not therapists so we do not fix people problems. Due to COVID many people are suffering delusions, paranoia or mental health issue and may want to seek mental health prior to driving or speaking to our volunteers.

You (the recipient) acknowledge and agree you ( the recipient ) assumes all risks involved in sharing, providing or emailing any and all data, personal or other over any and all networks and agree to waive any and all liabilities to Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC, Mechanics, Contractors or any representative representing Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC.

All recipients waives any and all liabilities to Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC (aka) BadassMechanic.com by engaging in any communications. Such data may include but not limited to voice mail, text or email such as year, make model, vehicle registration data, VIN, Address, Name or other sensitive personal information that may be revealed as part of our investigation, repair or diagnostic. All Customers acknowledges and agrees that Any and all data and information obtained by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC or and representative is owned by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC.

You (the recipient) acknowledge and agrees to provide mechanics reasonable access to the  vehicle, vehicles keys and and gate or access code to the mechanic as needed to allow access for repairs as needed by mechanic, failure to-do so will prevent the repairs and recipient will loose any and all volunteer services to finish requested assistance. 

Organized Crime and Corruption Disclaimer

You (the recipient) acknowledge and agrees to ONLY provide (REAL JOBS) JOBS OF GOOD INTENTION, OF GOOD FAITH, SINCERE AND HONEST, legitimate JOBS DOES NOT MEAN A PAYING CUSTOMER, LEGITIMATE IS WITHOUT INTENT TO HARM, LEGAL, MORAL, JOBS WITHOUT ANTERIOR MOTIVE TO HARM, EXPLOIT, EXTORT CORRUPT OR INVOLVE IN CRIME,¬† jobs or repairs for which are Not involving extortion or having anything to do with organized crime, corruption or people in pursuit of information or to create any act with the intent to harm anyone having anything to do with Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC or owner including setups by local state or government involving Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC or owner including crimes such as organized crime, corruption or any types of setups or stings. By paying Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC, You (the customer) acknowledge and agrees that it is solely the Owner of Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC that decides if the customer has violated Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company policy and or intends to do harm to Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company or owner Not local Government Courts or Utah Court.¬† You (the recipient) agree to without contest, willingly pay in full 100% all legal fee’s brought on by Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company or Owner for your misconduct violating Badass Mobile Mechanic LLC company policy, owner legal fees and all associated costs or fee’s by violating any our company policy.

You (the recipient) acknowledge and agrees that you are responsible for providing all vehicle parts . In any event during, in the middle, beginning or at the end of any repairs, should the mechanic reveal other broken or mechanical issues that are required to complete the requested repair and require parts, you the customer agree to pay for any and all additional parts required to complete the repair based solely on volunteer availability and should the customer chose not to continue or finish the repair or for any reason terminate the repair that you the customer acknowledge and agrees  the customer is not entitled to anything .  Volunteer services are based on  local markets, locations, vehicle types, funding,  cost of living, distance and availability of each job or repair.