The Life of Badass




In 2020 I decided to take up sailing. Sailed the Great Salt Lake a few times then my dreams of sailing around the world took shape. As you could imagine, this is not an easy task for anyone especially someone who is disabled mike me but I seem have an issue with not wanting to give up but I have been tested well beyond the normal limits life should allow.


In 2020, I decided to get back on a horse. With the help of a friend, I was able to be pushon on, my foot taped into the sturip and off I went though I am still searching for those glasses hanging off my shirt. Took me some time before I was able to get past the fear of getting dragged to death but after hearing the story of Amberley Snyder, I was inspired and so I took the leap and started to ride once again. Thanks to Amberley Snyder, I regained my courage and rode again.


I was raised in Quinault, WA in logging and drove truck throughout my life. I'm not sure if I will return to driving truck one day, but still currently hold a CDL.

2007 Tahoe – This is a vehicle of mine I often work on upgrading to new things. So far I have added Lambo doors, 3″ drop spindles and springs, RGB Chacing LED Wheel ringsand a few other security mods. 

Sailing in a race with Eric Egge with the South Sound Sailing Society in Olympia, WA. Not a real windy day but still took 2nd place. Eric and his wife are real amazing people. Super nice and would love to sail more with them in the future.

I enjoy going to car shows. Seeing what others have done to their cars and meeting new car enthusiasts near me. Washington State is full of people who love tricking out cars though It’s rare to find people now days that are not extremely paranoid by the POSGOV willing to comeout of their cages.

When you get tired and need a sholder to lean on, I reccomed you finding someone or something that will stop eating long enough to listen, pigs and cows may not be the best at listening but they taste great.